“Surviving Death” (Netflix) review

With this post, I plan on doing something a bit different.  I’ve had writer’s block for the past few weeks.  My family and I have been sick with covid and the symptoms have created some major brain fog for myself along with severe headaches.  Today it finally started to clear up some.  I noticed Netflix has a new series up titled “Surviving Death” so I decided to binge watch the six episodes.  Normally I am not a fan of binge watching, but this subject does intrigue me a great deal so I sat it out for 6 hours.  Here are my thoughts on the episodes.

Episode 1 deals with near death experiences.  I’ve listened to stories on youtube involving NDEs for quite some time and love hearing about them.  It is always interesting to hear about them from people who normally do not give death a second thought; those who typically are not spiritual or religious.  This episode was pretty much like that from the various stories and a good way to start the series.

Episodes 2 & 3 almost lost me.  The two episodes deal with mediums.  I believe we all have the gift to speak to the spirit (or spirits as some would say), but we have not all tapped into that ability.  My issue always come from the theatrics of how some mediums present themselves.  It seems to come off hokey even if that is not their intention.  I am not going to say these people are frauds.  But if I had the easy ability to channel deceased loved ones for people, I personally would present it in a much different way.  Then again, I believe we are all a part of the consciousness of the Father.  We are tiny aspects of the Father, having different experiences but at the end of the day, we’re all connected.  To me, death is nothing to fear at all.  I don’t go into a deep mourning period for loved ones who passed away as I know they are not truly dead.  He/she just left their physical body.  Their soul has merged with the great Spirit.  I kept saying to myself if more people realized this, death would not be such a hard concept to deal with.  This may be more a western civilization issue since most of this culture tends to either go towards a dogmatic view or a skeptical / atheist belief. Some of the methods presented in these two episodes seemed a bit too much.  That being said, I am not one to say not to do it.  If it works for them or you, by all means, go for it.  I am sure some of the methods I do in my practices may seem odd to some.  I just think there are better ways to go about this.  😉

Episode 4 deals with signs from the beyond.  Now we’re getting back on track with the series.  Like I have mentioned before, we truly never die.  I absolutely believe in receiving signs from the deceased in some form.  I have received such signs, typically they are either in audible forms or vivid dreams (from my experience).  Unlike the people in the episode, I didn’t call out for any signs.  I believe they will come on their own, at their own time…and they usually do.  If you are going through such a time and wanting to see/hear/feel a sign from your loved one, do not over think it.  Do not yearn for it.  It will come and usually at a time you least expect it.

Episode 5 dealt with seeing dead people.  These are visions coming from people who are close to dying.  My dad had this experience.  He passed away back in the summer of 2020 but the year leading up to this, he started to tell me about seeing what he referred to as angelic beings from time to time.  Being an atheist (or an agnostic at best) his whole life, hearing him tell me that was quite surprising.  It really changed his outlook on death and by the time he passed, he was at peace with dying rather than being afraid.  The episode featured a researcher who worked with hospice patients and records what they see leading up to their deaths.  This is a very fascinating subject and youtube has all kinds of videos about this very subject.  I really liked this episode.

The last episode of the series dealt with reincarnation.  It had 3 main stories and I really liked the evidence presented.  The kid who was an actor and the kid who was a WW2 fighter pilot were great stories.  I am an absolute believer in reincarnation and wished more in the west would at least entertain the notion.  It seems our culture automatically dismisses it and typically use Christianity as a reason.  You can definitely tell they are not aware of the non-canonical gospels that do mention reincarnation.  Perhaps in the next life they’ll become aware of it?  😉  

Overall I enjoyed the series.  Not sure if the medium aspect deserved two episodes though.  

On an unrelated note, this year I plan on doing some deep reads of “The Books of Jeu 1 & 2” and the “Pistis Sophia.”  I have read the Pistis Sophia before, which was the G.R.S. Mead translation.  Some of it stuck, some of it did not.  It was a cold read going into it and was early on in my Gnostic studies.  I am planning on returning to the text but I have two other translations of the text, so I will be going through those.  The Books of Jeu 1 & 2 will be my first time reading, but am looking forward to it.  I am currently reading “The Word of The Pistis Sophia: Revealed in the Order of Jeu” by John Van Den Berg.  This small book (barely over 100 pages) is a good introduction to the Pistis Sophia and Books of Jeu 1 & 2.  A warm up if you will!  While I will be concentrating on those Gnostic books, on the side I will be reading more Hermetic texts.  I like having multiple books going on at the same time.  So expect to have some posts relating to both these subjects in the future.

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