The Twelfth Deep

Today I present another section of the untitled text from the Bruce Codex. Like so many parts of this text, this section stuck out. It gives me quite a bit to think about every time I read it. The 12 deeps are part of the make up of the Pleroma. As I mentioned in the previous post, the untitled text is a cosmology text of the ALL and the Aeons that comprise the various aspects of the heavens. It’s a text that requires much study and even then, you still probably won’t understand half of it (I am in the same boat! lol). But each time I read it, phrases stick out and this one is an example. I used both the Baynes and MacDermot translations to put together a text that I think flows well. Here it is:

The twelfth Deep is the Truth.  

From this, all Truth comes forth.

This is the Truth that encloses them all.

This is the image of the Father.

This is the Mirror of the All.

This is the Mother of the Aeons,

Whom encompasses all the Deeps.

This is the Monad, which is inconceivable,

Unknown, of which all are ignorant.

The characterless One, which all are blessed forever.

For thy sake we have been clothed with glory,

And through thee we have seen the Father of the All,

And the Mother of All things who is hidden in every place.

She who is the thought of every Aeon.

She who is the Conception of every god and lord.

She who is the Gnosis of all invisibles.

And thy image is the Mother of all things uncontainable.

And it is the power of every infinite one.

And they bless the Only-Begotten One saying:

“Through thy image we have seen thee

And we have fled to thee,

And have stood with thee.

We have received the unfading crown,

Which we all have learned through thee.

Glory to thee forever O Only-Begotten One!


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