Readings from “Gospel of Truth” & “Gospel of Judas”

Another reading video, this time sections from the “Gospel of Truth” and the “Gospel of Judas”. With the Judas reading, I included some MidJourney AI artwork to accompany the text. I’ll post one of those pics below with the transcript of the text. The section of Truth I decided to recite is of the sectionContinue reading “Readings from “Gospel of Truth” & “Gospel of Judas””


Last month I posted a blog about Mary Magdalene, which included included a conversation between her and Salome from the Pistis Sophia (Link: ), and it got me thinking, we don’t hear much about Salome! (and no, I am not referring to the Salome in the John the Baptist beheading story) In the canonicalContinue reading “Salome”

Gospel of Philip – Saying 107 (Bridal Chamber)

With this post, I decided to include my MidJourney A.I. artwork based on saying 107 from the Gospel of Philip as well as a reading of it. For the artwork and reading, I used the translation by Daniel McCoy, that can be found at: I highly enjoy Daniel’s translations, and recommend you all checkContinue reading “Gospel of Philip – Saying 107 (Bridal Chamber)”

The Feast Day of Mary Magdalene (July 22)

July 22 is the “Feast Day” for Mary Magdalene, so I thought it would be fitting to post various texts from different traditions. Those into “Gnosticism” like to champion Mary as a leader of the movement, but we really have no idea if the historical Mary Magdalene was actually of this mindset. However, gnostic groupsContinue reading “The Feast Day of Mary Magdalene (July 22)”