The Golden Legend of Mary Magdalene (#2 of 3)

Here is the second post regarding my “modern” translation of the “Golden Legend of Mary Magdalene” from the Legenda sanctorum (Readings of the Saints) by Jacobus de Varagine. This section still follows the man and his wife from the previous post, and ends with Mary Magdalene going into solitude. I hope you enjoy this read and beContinue reading “The Golden Legend of Mary Magdalene (#2 of 3)”

Gnostic Prayerbook

What is nice about “Gnosticism” is the lack of a dogmatic approach. However, people do like their theatrics/ceremonies and prayer for their spiritual beliefs, as do I (to an extent). Looking for “Gnostic” related prayers, I picked up the book “A Gnostic Prayerbook: Rites, Rituals, Prayers and Devotions” by J. Puma. In this book, theContinue reading “Gnostic Prayerbook”