The Book of Mary’s Repose (1 of 3)

I have read some oddball apocrypha texts but this may be one of the strangest. Being quite fond of the Theotokos, I’ve been tracking down some apocrypha relating to her as of late. While watching the below video, it mentioned a text that included Gnostic elements! I have time stamped the video, so check itContinue reading “The Book of Mary’s Repose (1 of 3)”

The Unknowable Monad

One of the questions I see in social media groups about Gnosticism regard “God” and what it is like.  Various Gnostic texts explain that the supreme “God” is unknowable.  Actually, they specifically describe what this supreme Monad is not, and usually in great deal.  I think it’s quite ridiculous that humans think they can describeContinue reading “The Unknowable Monad”

Simon Magus’ “The Great Announcement”

To continue on my Simon Magus postings, this particular entry includes the only writing attributed to Simon himself! It survives in fragmented form thanks to Hippolytus in the book “Philosophumena“, aka “Refutations of All Heresies.” The following is the collection of sayings that G.R.S Mead put together for his book “Simon Magus: The Gnostic Magician.” ToContinue reading “Simon Magus’ “The Great Announcement””