The Twelfth Repentance of Pistis Sophia

We’re almost to the end. This is a long one. MacDermot Translation: I. ‘0 Light, forget not my song of praise. 2. For the Authades and his lion-faced power opened their mouths against me, they dealt cunningly with me. 3. And they surrounded me, wishing to take away my power; and they hated me becauseContinue reading “The Twelfth Repentance of Pistis Sophia”

The Tenth Repentance of Pistis Sophia

Almost there! This is a rather short passage. Below are the comparisons. MacDermot Translation: 1. ‘I have cried out to thee, 0 Light of Lights, in my affliction, and thou hast heard me. 2. 0 Light, save my power from unjust and iniquitous lips, and from cunning snares. 3. The light which was taken awayContinue reading “The Tenth Repentance of Pistis Sophia”

The Ninth Repentance of Pistis Sophia

This is a long one. Here is the ninth repentance of Pistis Sophia, side-by-side translations. Best viewed via desktop mode. MacDermot Translation: 1. ‘0 Light, smite down those who have taken my power away from me; and take the power from those who have taken mine from me. 2. For I am thy power and thy light;Continue reading “The Ninth Repentance of Pistis Sophia”