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This site acts as a home page for my spiritual blog that references Gnostic scriptures (early pre-orthodox Christianity) as well as other esoteric teachings. I am looking to form a group of like minded individuals in the Southern Indiana area. Check out the “LEARN MORE” section.

Beware that no one lead you astray, saying ‘Lo here!’ or ‘Lo there!’  For the Son of Man is within you. Follow after him! Those who seek him will find him.

~The Gospel of Mary

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Crucifixion body swapping

Recently I finished reading “The Gospel of Barnabas” which is an Islamic leaning text about the life and ministry of Jesus. If you are not familiar with the Islamic tradition, the Jesus of Islam is not exactly the same as the Jesus in Christianity. While there are a lot of similarities, the main difference isContinue reading “Crucifixion body swapping”

Culmination of Wisdom

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Barbelo, the reflection of the source. The first thought. Mother of us all. She is mentioned in numerous Gnostic texts but I wanted to shareContinue reading “Barbelo”