To continue with my OpenAI experiments, this time I wanted to see how well it put together a “Gospel” and I decided to do this with Sophia. I had the chatbot use the parameters of it only referencing “The Secret Book of John” for the story (as the Sophia myth does change somewhat amongst other Gnostic texts), have the A.I. write the Gospel in the style of “the Gospel of John” and to keep it roughly 500 words. Below is what it put out (I made no alterations):

In the beginning was the divine realm, and within it dwelled the being Sophia. She was the embodiment of wisdom and knowledge, and all who sought the light of understanding turned to her for guidance.

But Sophia longed to experience the material world, and so she descended from the divine realm and into the chaos of the material universe. As she journeyed deeper into the material world, she lost touch with her true nature and became trapped in ignorance and suffering.

But Sophia did not despair, for she knew that within her lay the spark of divine consciousness. She searched within herself for the wisdom and knowledge that would guide her back to the divine realm.

In her search, Sophia encountered Yaldabaoth, who claimed to be the creator of the material world. But Sophia saw through his lies and recognized him as an impostor. She knew that true creation could only come from the divine realm.

Sophia continued to search within herself, and in time, she discovered the true nature of the material world. She saw that it was a reflection of the divine realm, but that it had become distorted and corrupted by ignorance and fear.

With this knowledge, Sophia was able to break free from the material world and return to the divine realm. But she did not forget the suffering she had seen in the material world, and she knew that there were others who were trapped in ignorance and suffering.

And so Sophia resolved to share her knowledge and wisdom with all who would listen. She became a teacher and guide, offering her wisdom to all who sought the light of understanding.

Though many rejected her teachings and turned away from the light of knowledge, Sophia never gave up. She continued to offer her guidance and wisdom, knowing that even the most lost and ignorant souls could one day find their way back to the divine realm.

And so the story of Sophia teaches us that no matter how lost we may feel, we always have the spark of divine consciousness within us. With the guidance of wise teachers like Sophia, we can overcome our ignorance and suffering and find our way back to the divine realm, where the light of understanding and knowledge shines bright.

For a “summary” text of her story, I think it did a great job. The wording about “encountering” Yaldabaoth could have been changed to “given birth to”, but for all practical purposes, “encountering” does work. Just a nitpick. Obviously it does not go into detail, but for someone new coming into this mythology, I think it does a great job of giving the reader enough details to have an idea of what Sophia is.


Featured artwork is of Sophia, and is Midjourney A.I. based.

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