Another reading video, this time sections from the “Gospel of Truth” and the “Gospel of Judas”. With the Judas reading, I included some MidJourney AI artwork to accompany the text. I’ll post one of those pics below with the transcript of the text.

The section of Truth I decided to recite is of the section titled “Putting Knowledge into Practice.” What I really like about this section is that it’s a call to action. To “practice what you preach” in so many words.


Speak concerning the truth to those who seek it and of knowledge to those who, in their error, have committed sins.  Make sure-footed those who stumble, and stretch forth your hands to the sick. Nourish the hungry, and set at ease those who are troubled. Raise up and awaken those who sleep. You are this understanding that seizes you.  If the strong follow this course, they are even stronger. Turn your attention to yourselves. Do not be concerned with other things, namely, that which you have cast forth from yourselves, that which you have dismissed. Do not return to them to eat them. Do not be moth-eaten. Do not be worm-eaten, for you have already shaken it off. Do not be a place of the devil, for you have already destroyed him. Do not strengthen your last obstacles, because that is reprehensible. For the lawless one is nothing. He harms himself more than the law. For that one does his works because he is a lawless person. But this one, because he is a righteous person, does his works among others. Do the will of the father, then, for you are from him.

The section from “Gospel of Judas” I recite is as follows:

Judas said to him, "Rabbi, what kind of fruit does this generation produce?"

Jesus said, "The souls of every human generation will die. When these people, however, have completed the time of the kingdom and the spirit leaves them, their bodies will die but their souls will be alive, and they will be taken up."

I ran Jesus’ response through the MidJourney A.I. and after several variations, I ended up with one I really liked. I included two of these in the video, but the one below is my favorite:

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