I like to pick out phrases / paragraphs from various Gnostic texts and put them in a binder for my own personal practice. This binder goes with me when I’m heading to my weekly pilgrimage to the Monte Cassino shrine or when I go out wanting to do any spiritual work. This binder has become a “travel binder”. Being that space is an issue, this is why I pull out various phrases / sections from numerous texts that I think I need to meditate / study upon. Recently I pulled a mantra/prayer to Barbelo from the NHL text Melchizedek. This particular text is a bit fragmented, but this short mantra / prayer is intact. It is as follows:

"Holy are you, Holy are you, Holy are you, Mother of the aeons, Barbelo, for ever and ever, Amen."

I really like the short and simple aspect to this and figured others would appreciate such a mantra for your practice. The artwork featured on this blog post is another MidJourney A.I. creation I put together of Barbelo. It’s a bit different than others I did, but I like it!

Source: http://gnosis.org/naghamm/melchiz.html


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