While we have various Valentinian texts in the NHL, there are fragments that exist elsewhere, usually in the writings of the church Fathers, and are typically presented for negative commentary directed towards them. That being said, they do preserve these tidbits, so hey, I’ll take it. The following survives thanks to Hippolytus of Rome, in the writing, Against Heresies. This psalm is apparently complete and not a fragment. It is rather short but the imagery it conjures up is quite interesting. Here is the translated version I did for the short video recording:

In the spirit I see all suspended,
In the spirit I know everything held:
The flesh hanging from the soul
The soul held aloft by the air
The air suspended from the ether
Fruits manifest themselves out of the Depth
A child emerges from the womb

Here is a commentary on the psalm by an unnamed Valentinian teacher that gives the reader a perspective on the meaning of the psalm:

He means this: "flesh" is matter which is "hanging" from the "soul" of the Craftsman. "The soul held aloft by the air" means the Craftsman held aloft by the Spirit that comes from the Fullness (i.e. Achamoth). And "the air suspended from the ether" means that the exterior Wisdom (Achamoth) is suspended from the inner Limit and the entire Fullness. "Fruits manifest themselves out of the Depth" having become the complete emanation of the Aeons from the Father.

I ran the psalm through the Midjourney AI and eventually got the photo that is presented on this post.

Source: http://gnosis.org/library/valentinus/Fragments_Valentinus.htm


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