Mary Magdalene in the “Speculum Sacerdotale” (1 of 2)

My medieval translations continue, this time from the fifteenth century collection of sermons titled the “Speculum Sacerdotale.” This modernization was a bit more tricky but I think I was able to get the point across, for the most part. I decided to split this up into two different blog posts. Like the Golden Legend, thisContinue reading “Mary Magdalene in the “Speculum Sacerdotale” (1 of 2)”

The Golden Legend of Mary Magdalene (3 of 3)

Here is the final part of my translation of the Golden Legend of Mary Magdalene. This sectionof the story includes her death and some legends relating to her. I found this exercise of modernizing the story to be quite enlightening. I plan on doing more in the future. It happened that a priest, who desiredContinue reading “The Golden Legend of Mary Magdalene (3 of 3)”

The Golden Legend of Mary Magdalene (2 of 3)

Here is the second post regarding my “modern” translation of the “Golden Legend of Mary Magdalene” from the Legenda sanctorum (Readings of the Saints) by Jacobus de Varagine. This section still follows the man and his wife from the previous post, and ends with Mary Magdalene going into solitude. I hope you enjoy this read and beContinue reading “The Golden Legend of Mary Magdalene (2 of 3)”

The Golden Legend of Mary Magdalene (1 of 3)

I’ve heard of the legend of Mary Magdalene arriving in France after the death of Jesus but never did track the story down until recently. This legend comes from the the book titled  Legenda sanctorum (Readings of the Saints) by Jacobus de Varagine and released around 1260 CE-ish. The book is also known by the title,Continue reading “The Golden Legend of Mary Magdalene (1 of 3)”

Prayers to the Holy Mary Magdalene

Today, July 22, is the Catholic Feast Day of Mary Magdalene. While I’m not Catholic, I have no issue celebrating Mary Magdalene. Here is a prayer involving Mary which is from the book “A Manual for the Gnostic: Doctrines, Prayers, & Practices of the Gnostic Church” issued by the L’Eglise Gnostique Apostolique of North America. OContinue reading “Prayers to the Holy Mary Magdalene”

The Thirteenth Repentance of Pistis Sophia

We have come to an end here with the thirteenth repentance translation comparison. I hope you have enjoyed reading the comparisons. The point of this exercise is to show that one needs to check out various translations, if possible, of various works to get a full understanding of what the text is trying to say.Continue reading “The Thirteenth Repentance of Pistis Sophia”