Hildegard of Bingen: To Sophia…

The other week, youtube’s algorithm recommended to me some music written by Hildegard of (von) Bingen. I was not aware of who she was, but decided to give it a listen and really liked what I heard. Doing some research, I realized how amazing this person was. Yesterday while browsing through some books at a local store, I spotted one titled “St. Hildegard of Bingen: Doctor of the Church” by Carmen Acevedo Butcher. Flipping through it, I spotted a poem/song dedicated to Sophia (Wisdom). Being an advocate of Sophia, this really warmed my heart. So of course, I purchased the book and want to share this particular piece with you all. Browsing the net last night, I seen Hildegard also did a painting of Sophia, which I have included in this post as the main picture. I am looking forward to studying more about Hildegard as she seems to be quite fascinating. And as a synchronicity to all of this, just a few days ago was Hildegard’s Feast Day (Sept 17).

To Sophia
You soar, sustain, and animate,
climb, dive, and sing
Your way through this world,
giving life to every beating

You never end.
   You keep circling, crossing over us
on three wings----
   one speeds through heaven,
   one holds the earth together with a kiss as light as dew,
   and one whooshes over, under, and through our lives.
We praise You, Wisdom!

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