More Sayings from Simon Magus

“I am the first power, who am always, and without beginning. But having entered the womb of Rachel, I was born of her as a man, that I might be visible to men. I have flown through the air; I have been mixed with fire, and been made one body with it; I have made statues to move; I have animated lifeless things; I have made stones bread; I have flown from mountain to mountain; I have moved from place to place, upheld by angels’ hands, and have lighted on the earth. Not only have I done these things; but even now I am able to do them, that by facts I may prove to all, that I am the Son of God, enduring to eternity, and that I can make those who believe on me endure in like manner for ever. But your words are all vain; nor can you perform any real works such as I have now mentioned, as he also who sent you is a magician, who yet could not deliver himself from the suffering of the cross.” Simon Magus, from book 3 of The Recognitions of Clement.

Now those are some claims that Simon is putting forth there! Below are some more book 3 quotes from Simon Magus:

"If the Creator is good, and the world is good, how shall He who is good ever destroy that which is good? But if He shall destroy that which is good, how shall He Himself be thought to be good? But if He shall dissolve and destroy it as evil, how shall He not appear to be evil, who has made that which is evil? "
"It does not seem to me that the heaven, which has been made by God, can be dissolved. For things made by the Eternal One are eternal, while things made by a corruptible one are temporary and decaying."

Below is an interesting story involving Simon flying. Yes, flying, which then leads to his death. This is an exchange between Simon, Paul, Peter and Emperor Nero. This comes from the text The Acts of Peter and Paul:

Simon said: "Listen, O Cæsar Nero, that you may know that these men are liars, and that I have been sent from the heavens: tomorrow I go up into the heavens, that I may make those who believe in me blessed, and show my wrath upon those who have denied me."

Peter and Paul said: "Us long ago God called to His own glory; but you, called by the devil, hasten to punishment." 

Simon said: "Cæsar Nero, listen to me. Separate these madmen from you, in order that when I go into heaven to my father, I may be very merciful to you." 

Nero said: "And whence shall we prove this, that you go away into heaven?"

Simon said: "Order a lofty tower to be made of wood, and of great beams, that I may go up upon it, and that my angels may find me in the air; for they cannot come to me upon earth among the sinners." 

Nero said: "I will see whether you will fulfil what you say."

Then Nero ordered a lofty tower to be made in the Campus Martius, and all the people and the dignities to be present at the spectacle. And on the following day, all the multitude having come together, Nero ordered Peter and Paul to be present, to whom also he said: Now the truth has to be made manifest. 

Peter and Paul said: "We do not expose him, but our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, whom he has falsely declared himself to be."

And Paul, having turned to Peter, said: "It is my part to bend the knee, and to pray to God; and yours to produce the effect, if you should see him attempting anything, because you were first taken in hand by the Lord." 

And Paul, bending his knees, prayed. And Peter, looking steadfastly upon Simon, said: "Accomplish what you have begun; for both your exposure and our call is at hand: for I see my Christ calling both me and Paul." 

Nero said: "And where will you go to against my will?" 

Peter said: "Whithersoever our Lord has called us."

Nero said: "And who is your lord?" 

Peter said: "Jesus the Christ, whom I see calling us to Himself." 

Nero said: "Do you also then intend to go away to heaven?" 

Peter said: "If it shall seem good to Him that calls us." 

Simon said: "In order that you may know, O emperor, that these are deceivers, as soon as ever I ascend into heaven, I will send my angels to you, and will make you come to me." 

Nero said: "Do at once what you say."

Then Simon went up upon the tower in the face of all, and, crowned with laurels, he stretched forth his hands, and began to fly. And when Nero saw him flying, he said to Peter: "This Simon is true; but you and Paul are deceivers." 

To whom Peter said: "Immediately shall you know that we are true disciples of Christ; but that he is not Christ, but a magician, and a malefactor." 

Nero said: "Do you still persist? Behold, you see him going up into heaven." 

Then Peter, looking steadfastly upon Paul, said: "Paul, look up and see." 

And Paul, having looked up, full of tears, and seeing Simon flying, said: "Peter, why are you idle? Finish what you have begun; for already our Lord Jesus Christ is calling us." 

And Nero hearing them, smiled a little, and said: "These men see themselves worsted already, and are gone mad."

Peter said: "Now you shall know that we are not mad." 

Paul said to Peter: "Do at once what you do."

And Peter, looking steadfastly against Simon, said: "I adjure you, you angels of Satan, who are carrying him into the air, to deceive the hearts of the unbelievers, by the God that created all things, and by Jesus Christ, whom on the third day He raised from the dead, no longer from this hour to keep him up, but to let him go." 

And immediately, being let go, he fell into a place called Sacra Via, that is, Holy Way, and was divided into four parts, having perished by an evil fate.

A lot of the texts that involve Simon Magus are usually dialogues / debates between him and Peter. If twitter existed back then, they would be constantly trolling each other, lol. I’ve accumulated quite a bit of Simon from various sources and will post more about him in the future. He’s quite an interesting fella.

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