I wanted to try something new with this site. I’ve been experimenting with recording videos of myself reading various scripture, as well as prayers, to see how it would come off on a video recording. I admit, I am not a big fan of how I sound on video, but who is? lol However, I do like this particular prayer and wanted to share it. I recently purchased a small altar statue of “Our Lady of Einsiedeln” from www.sagrada.com and while I was on the site, I noticed a home made card of that particular Madonna, so I purchased it to go along with the statue. When I received it (which was only two days after placing an order!!), I noticed a small prayer on the back of the card written by Mary Busby, co-owner of the website. So I decided to do a video reading of the prayer. Enjoy.

Here is the prayer for those curious:

She calls us to deepen, stirring within us a sacred knowing. She whispers our name in every tree and creature in every stone– remembering us to Oneness. She beckons us to open our hearts as compassion and creativity emerge from sorrow. In her darkness, there is life. O Beloved Mother of Mystery, awaken and transform us.

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