The Third Repentance of Pistis Sophia

Here is the third repentance of Pistis Sophia translation comparisons.

As always, desktop view is recommended to see them side by side.

MacDermot Translation:

I. 0 Light of the powers, give heed and save me.

2. May those that want to take away my light from me fail and be in darkness.  Let them return to the Chaos, and may those who want to take away my power be put to shame.

3. May those that persecute me and say: we have become Iords over her, return quickly to the darkness.

4. May all those who seek after the light rejoice and flourish; and may they who want thy mystery say at all times: Iet the mystery be raised up.

5. Do thou now at this time save me, 0 Light, for I am lacking in my light, which has been taken away.  And I need my power which has been taken from me.  Thou, 0 Light, thou art my Saviour, and thou art my rescuer, 0 Light.  Save me quickly out of this Chaos’.

Mead Translation:

1. O Lord God, give heed to my help.

2. Let them be put to shame and con-founded who seek after my soul.

3. May they turn straightway and be put to shame, who say unto me: Ha, ha.

4. May all who seek thee, be joyful and exult because of thee, and they who love thy salvation, say ever: May God be exalted.

5. But I am wretched, I am poor; O Lord, help me.  Thou art my helper and defence; O Lord, delay not.

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