Ophite diagram

This diagram is from the 1926 book “Gnosticism” by Mary W. Barrie. Here is the description from the book:

“Another diagram from an Ophite pre-Christian community is more complex, and shows, it seems to me, the eclecticism of the pre-Christian Gnosticism. We have the egg of Brahm, the three aspects of the One and the three manifesting stages in the first of the three divisions of the oval. Here, too, are the five attributes of perfection which bring the perfect man into this region. The gate is guarded by the flaming sword, and below in the middle region is the Greek name of the lord of this region, Saturn. The Aeon or perfect circle of Jupiter, called Ialdabaoth, has the seven planets with their ancient Hebraic names. On the lower plane, the muddy region from which the Leviathan is born, the nine (the reflection of the three on all planes); and the old animal symbolism coming possibly from Chaldea, show, perhaps, the seven lines of evolution.”

More to come!

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