Simon Magus diagram

Here is another diagram from the 1926 book “Gnosticism.” This one is named after Simon Magus, a figure who some of you may be aware of. Below is the quote from the book:

“This one is not within the egg, but emphasizes the Aeons as perfections in their several spheres and planes. On the plane of fire we have the Universal Principle, the Father; the Universal Root, the Mother; and the Son, the Supreme Treasure-House, “He who has stood, stands and will stand,” the Four-Faced Brahma, the Upper Tetractys. Then we have the middle distance or Invisible Sphere expressed as an Aeon. It is Incomprehensible Air without beginning and without end…moving on the Waters. The lowest region is also represented as a sphere or perfect whole in itself though born from above. This is called the manifested Sphere, “the world made by Angels, the world of men.” Within the Invisible Sphere we find a more elaborate development. Each plane, as we have already mentioned, according to the law of three, is in turn divided into three, and each of the three divisions has three aspects. The middle triangle (marked D) is the reflection of the triangle with the point, of the Region of Fire above, the Upper Tetractys, the three and the four. The lowest triangle of this region is the reflection of this archetypal triangle, and the lettering gives a further key to the inverted method of reflection of this lowest manifestation. The intermixture of air and water is symbolized by the seal of Solomon, the point within the interlaced triangle completing the symbol of the seven of the lowest plane of manifestation. Thus we have the key to open the doors to all the chambers within the double-Pyramid, the Ogdoad or Natural World, or the mystic thread to guide us on the way through the labyrinthine mazes of the Temple of Life, for the way is long and difficult to follow till the Inner Shrine of Initiation is reached.”

More to come!!

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