Our Lady of Montserrat

I mentioned before about my visits to the Saint Meinrad Archabbey and encountering the Lady of Einsiedeln. Well, with the school out of session for the summer, I’ve been exploring more of the monastery and first off, there is a second statue of Einsiedeln at the entrance to another chapel on the grounds. This copy of our Lady is a bit smaller than the one in the cathedral, but impressive none the less. See below:

Our Lady of Einsiedeln, outside the Saint Thomas Aquinas chapel at the St Meinrad Archabbey

Awhile back I heard that the archabbey has a statue of Our Lady of Montserrat. I eventually found her the other week at a chapel in the middle of the monastery (name of the particular chapel escapes me at the moment, but I will update this post next time I visit it). I’ve always been fascinated with Our Lady of Montserrat and the “golden ball” which is held in her hand. The history and mythology behind that statue is quite interesting. The statue here is a little bit different than the actual one. The colors are slightly different and the statue is smaller. I have posted several pics below, as well as a youtube “short” where I walk up to the statue.

Our Lady of Montserrat
Our Lady of Montseratt

The stand in which the statue sits presents the Madonna and child at eye level to me, and it’s quite hypnotizing when you look at her straight on. Side note, there is a second statue of her on the third floor in the “hallway of the Virgin Mary”, which is a long hallway that features various incarnations of Mary from various cultures. The statue up there is quite smaller and is one that would be seen on a home altar.

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