Barbelo, as envisioned by A.I.

I figured I would share this interesting artwork I was able to put together with the help of AI. Here lately it seems that artificial intelligence artwork software is all the rage. Most of these programs have you input words / phrases and it will create various artworks based on those words. Most of these programs put out interesting results but still have a long way to go IMO. However, Mid-Journey ( may be the best one out there, at least with what I have tried. The software is currently in the beta testing / invites only stage right now, but I was able to get an invite for a free trial. This limited trial allowed me to do a handful of pictures and I toyed around with it to create some interesting results. Some of those pictures I will use in future blog posts, but for this post, I wanted to include the Barbelo pictures it generated. So when it asked me to prompt in the words I wanted to convert to artwork, I used this phrase from the Secret Book of John:

“She is Barbelo, the most perfect glory of all beings, the glory of the disclosure of the Father’s thought. Her own first thought was to glorify and praise the Virgin Spirit from whom she had come forth.”

So after processing for a few minutes, it spit out a picture featuring four different versions of Barbelo. With the software, you can make adjustments to each of the pictures. I decided to make adjustments to 3 of the 4 pictures. Now I did not save that original picture, so I am not able to show that for this post. These other three pictures, I find merit in all of them, with the last one being my absolute favorite. To me, they do resemble the same character, just from different view points. Now I realize this software is personifying an entity/concept which is a reflection of an unknowable source, but let’s just play along for a moment.

Up first:

Something I have noticed with A.I. software is the fetish with reptilian / blob like creatures. Not sure what is up with that and it would be interesting to know why it does that. This particular version of Barbelo looks like something that is just forming, perhaps an early version. The way the clothes melds with the skin shows a sense of oneness with itself. This is a version of Barbelo I could see Clive Barker putting together.

Next up:

So this second picture brings us up close and personal. Now she represents the traditional Madonna look with the halo surrounding her head. I do like the oft-ness of her face and fingers though. Yes it resembles human-like qualities but it’s not quite there, nor should it. I do realize this may appear slightly nightmarish to some but I adore the look.

And finally:

This is my favorite of them all. The halo is a bit different and is blue rather than gold/amber. She now has a spark of light at her crown as well as her throat (one could say these correspond with the chakras). The face of this picture I find to be quite mesmerizing. The eyes are different from each other but has that stare that just pulls you in. The multi-colored veil is very beautiful. I plan on using this picture in meditation as it really does take my mind to somewhere else. The picture does sort of remind me when I would use psychedelics and look at my reflection in the mirror with the colors and the slightly off features of the face.

This A.I. software is something else. I haven’t decided yet to buy into their subscription tier (I hate getting subscriptions after subscriptions on stuff) but this software has some very esoteric implications that one could use. I would like to enter other gnostic phrases into the software, as well as ritual passages. Who know what it may conjure up……?


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