Gospel of Philip – Saying 107 (Bridal Chamber)

With this post, I decided to include my MidJourney A.I. artwork based on saying 107 from the Gospel of Philip as well as a reading of it. For the artwork and reading, I used the translation by Daniel McCoy, that can be found at: https://gnosticismexplained.org/the-gospel-of-philip/

I highly enjoy Daniel’s translations, and recommend you all check out his site. Above you can see the artwork that the MidJourney bot outputted. It has a sort of ancient temple “bridal chamber” look, in a literal sense. Now granted the bridal chamber in the religious context is the relationship between oneself and the divine, but I did like what it created. It has that dream-like quality to it, an inviting aspect to it that pulls in the observer.

Below is my reading of the text and I placed a transcript below the video clip:

Each person who enters the bridal chamber will spark the light. This is not like earthly marriages that are practiced under cover of darkness. Their fire burns at night, but is dead by daybreak. No, the mysteries of this marriage take place during a day whose light never sets.

Whoever becomes an attendant of the bridal chamber will receive the light. If the light is not received there, it will not be received elsewhere.

Whoever receives the light can be neither seen nor grasped. Nothing can disturb him, even while he lives in this world. And when he leaves this world, he will have already received the truth through images and symbols. The Fullness, the eternal world, is his world. It has been revealed to him alone; it is hidden from others not by darkness and night, but by perfect day and holy light.

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