Here is another post with some MidJourney A.I. generated artwork. For these three variants of “the first source”, I used the opening section of the “Untitled text” from the Bruce Codex. I have spoken highly of this text before (it is one of my favorites) and was quite pleased with these results. As you can see with all three variants, they all have the same look to them but in different styles. I love how there is a central light/figure that then splits into various aspects. My favorite of the three is the main photo above, but the other two are really neat as well. I like how there are “garments” that lay on the floor next to the figures on that main photo. That type of imagery is present throughout numerous gnostic texts in that you must shed your worldly garment (flesh suit, if you will) to ascend to the pleroma.

Here is the text used to generate the photos:

He set him up so that they should strive against the city in which was their image. And it is in that they move, and in it that they live. And it is the house of the Father, and the garment of the Son, and the power of the Mother, and the image of the Pleroma. This is the First Father of the All. This is the first eternity. This is the king of unassailables. This is he in whom the All is unconscious. This is he who gave form to it within himself. This is the self-originated and self-begotten place. This is the deep of the All, this is the great abyss, in truth. This is he to whom the All reached. There was silence concerning him. He was not spoken of, for he is an ineffable one, he cannot be understood. This is the first source. This is he whose voice has penetrated everywhere. This is the first sound until the All perceived and understood. This is he whose members make a myriad myriad powers to each of them.

While the source is unthinkable / unknowable, it is interesting to see how A.I. interprets these texts. More experiments to come…

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